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Private Billing on Weekend – All Saturday and Sunday from 01/09/2023

An $70 fee applies to all doctor consultations for all patients with a medicare card (excluding Concession health care card holders, children under 16 and nurse appointments).


If you hold a valid Medicare card, we offer bulk billing for eligible procedures. That means no out-of-pocket costs for most general visits from Monday - Friday.

GP Consultation Fees

Weekend Fee Schedule ( From 07/10/2023)

MBS Item                No Description                   Fee Payable                 Medicare Rebate                Gap (Out Of Pocket)

     23                  Level B Standard Consult                  $70                                    $41.20                                      $28.8

     36                  Level C Standard Consult                  $110                                  $79.70                                      $30.30

     44                  Level D Standard Consult                   $150                                 $117.40                                    $32.60  


If you are unable to provide your Medicare card or the information on it, you will be charged a practice fee. However, you can receive a full refund from a Medicare office.

For patients without Medicare, our fees are $80 for a standard consultation and $110 for a long consultation on weekday. 
We also charge practice fees on your consultation day for overseas visitors, work injury patients, CTP claims and expired Medicare cardholders.

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